Not only for kids!

Who said that marbles are for kids? Perhaps no one said that or someone did but do you want to know something? FACT: THEY'RE NOT.

I can hardly remember when I was a kid and I spend the school break playing this game. They only thing I know it's that I still have at my home a pot really full of marbles. They are so diferent colours, sizes and shapes... wait not shapes, they are all quite rounds.
Rodrigo came last week to me and said
"you know what's going on in Prague this saturday?" I was hoping some naked-twister or maybe any free beer festival were we could play naked-twister but the answer was "there a tournament of marbles" and who would say no to an oportunity to remember your childhood? So he bought some marbles, the crappy ones actually. I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about, those ones that we're crystal and with some color inside.

So ready to play and after some trainning in the corridor, Rodrigo and me went this morning to the island and had there a great time there!! The tournament was really well done organized, first of all a league and then after that the eliminatories. We didn't do a great job there, I mean, we lost more games than victories but what really matters is that we had fun. This is what losers says after a championship, isn't it? hehe.

For next tournament, more and better ;)

Onboard Diary

Sunday 01.03.09 - Hostivar, Praha 10

11.30 I've woken up. I'm still sleepy. Some milk and a couple of cookies are my not enough breakfast but I don't feel like having something more neat.

12.00 Finally I have a laptop, it's not mine but at least satisfies my bloodlust. I've been downloading all the tv shows I had to. A week without my only adiction hasn't been easy. I even was thinking about going out from home. I didn't.

13.00 I'm hungry again. That poor breakfast wasn't enought. But it's sunday and I don't feel like cooking that can take more that 3 minutes to cook. Thank godness I have nuddles. I not a great meal but is enough.

14.30 Of couse I'm hungry again. I've just remembered that I have some rice from the left overs from yesterday night. I add a fried egg and some pepper make it more tastier. Now ain't hungry anymore.

15.00 The corridor is so lonely... You can't see anyone there. Are they here?

15.15 I've heard a noise. I went next to the door to listen better. But I can hear anything else. Was it my imagination?

16.30 Oh my God! Oh my fucking God! I've just seen the last episode of Lost. Oh my God! For sure one of the best episodes of the whole serie. I can't wait anymore for the next one. Doh! I've just remembered it's sunday. I have to wait a bit more.

17.00 It's getting dark. No one in sight on the corridor.

17.30 Joana is alive. She has just talked to me by messenger. We're going to watch a movie in a while. It's a great idea. I need some social life. I was starting to understand Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Quotations - Spanish lessons


Quiero hablar el espaƱol de los jueves.
by Filipa

Quotations - Not under 18


Don't move! Don't move! It's coming! It's coming!
by Pierre

da' truth

I don't feel like writing, my laptop is drunk at the moment.

Snow is all around me

I'm too lazy to write something interesting after yesterday's party at Vagon but I like these pictures so... here we go!

That's all folks!

from lost to the river


What would you do if someone tells you that you can get a FREE flight just paying a simple kiss to your couple ? I don't know you, but this weekend I've been in Amsterdam without spending anything on the flights.

I always wanted to do that thing you see on the movies: take your backpack, go to the airport to take a plane without knowing where are you going. And that's exactly what we did. Sandra&Rodrigo Mikel&Diana and Magda&me, the six of us took a plane on St. Valentine's Day for free to Amsterdam... and it's been awesome. 

What did I know about Amsterdam before going? Drugs & Sex! But the city it's much more that that. Canals all around the streets, great views of the houses and streets, music, art, bikes... I've traveled quite a lot this year and Amsterdam it's the best place I've ever been!

We went without having any hostel or place to stay. Once there on a cyber-cafe we booked for 25€ a place to leave the backpacks and have a great breakfast, because we didn't sleep there... It's a long story related with Amsterdam, muffins, marihuana and getting high... Which better place in the world to try?

What else? The first day was a great sunny day. Lot of walking around the streets and canals with my mouth opened because of the great views, I had never imagined such a cool city it is. Our mistake in the afternoon was to go into that church with audio-guide... Imagine: around 36 hours without sleeping, a really quite place, listening to a pleasant voice and a bit dark the end couldn't be another one that falling asleep all of us. After that a small-expensive (we're bad used to in Prague) beer somewhere around the red light and then... coffeshop.

Next day, after every effect went away... We did a free guided tour pretty cool. Some sightseeing and some coffe to finish the trip. Magda and me came back yesterday night. It's been funny to be a couple these days... I'll miss you darling ;D

There are some pictures about the kiss, but for those ones you have to pay!